Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Skipping Ahead

My blog updating has been paved with those proverbial good intentions, but once I got so far behind, I kept thinking that I had to wait until I was in a writing mood to tackle catching it up. By this time of year, I have slowed down and am in the recovery mode and coming in for a landing.
I think I am going to fast forward instead. Suffice it to say I traveled a LOT and came home to a big stack of work which then kept me chained to the computer for a few weeks.
I have been updating my computer equipment and transferring over all my needed and favorite programs and getting things set up. Catching up on orders and over all recovering mentally from the busy horse show and travel season. Its hard to be creative when your brain is just plain tired.

Setting up a new computer and deciding what to put on it has given me an opportunity to look at some of the folders on my storage drives that contain personal work. When the season gets into full swing, I tend to shoot the shots, download, back them up and keep going with just a backward glance. The best of my intentions to keep new work up on the site fall short as I start to get backlogged and overwhelmed with the sheer volume of work that comes in during the summer and fall. I am a big fan of "shoot while the sun is shining and worry about what to do with it later". Just keep moving forward. The above image was taken this past July. I just got around to revisiting the images I shot that weekend.  The Andalusian, a handsome recently gelded fellow, was practicing some of his new liberty tricks.

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