Monday, December 21, 2009

Looking Towards 2010

Looking back on this year, it was a fun one right up in til the time it wasn't.  In spite of an economy in distress, I found enough work to keep me going and made sure that I took the time to have many adventures.  Lots of trips photographing wild horses in Oregon and surrounding states, a big drive across the United States to Florida and back,  I covered the World Cup for Flying Changes magazine, Helped Sue Stickle photograph the Palm Beach Dressage Derby and provided photographic services to  my usual local schedule of dressage shows, breed inspections and private photo sessions at various farms.
Round about November things took a turn for the worse with 2 human deaths in my family, a relative and a dear friend, only to be capped by that "it comes in threes" by the sudden death of one of my most favorite dogs ever.   Needless to say, this all put a real crimp in my concentration, energy and creativity.  So, like many who have felt the economy's pinch or lost loved ones in their life and worried about those around us that have been skating on thin ice financially,  I look forward to 2010 to be a better brighter year for all. 

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